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Editorial Design: Recruiting Brochure for HORIBA

HORIBA is a globally sought-after manufacturer of measuring instruments and systems used for automotive test systems, process, environmental and medical technology. Headquartered in Japan, the Group employs over 7,000 people in 26 countries.

HORIBA was looking for support in employer branding and recruiting new young professionals. The company brought DIE NEUDENKER® on board for this purpose.


Our editorial designers developed a comprehensive recruiting concept, which focuses on the applicants and their wishes: Ambitious students and university graduates of Generation Y who want to develop professionally and help shape their future with creative ideas.

The brochure is part of the cross-media recruiting campaign. Also designed and implemented by DIE NEUDENKER®, it was first launched at the career fair "meet@h_da".

Generation Y: Recruiting in times of shortage of skilled workers

Our designers adapted the entire recruiting concept and the claim "Your Engineering will shape the future" to Generation Y (also: Millenials). The "Generation Why" - young adults born between 1980 and 1995 - has made recruiters and HR managers rethink.
This is because the shortage of skilled workers allows today's 25 to 40 year-olds to demand more from their potential employers than previous generations.

For the successful recruiting of the Millenials, companies must adapt to their applicants. In the brochure we therefore deliberately addressed the requirements of today's graduates.

Our target group analysis showed: Independent work, a good work-life balance, flat hierarchies and personal development are the focus for the generation "Why". A checklist with preselection takes up this with a wink.

There are two campaign motifs for the cover. They show the "HORIBARIAN" in the middle of the HORIBA theme world:
At "Automotive Test Systems" mobility meets urbanity, at "Process & Environmental" measurement and process engineering meets environmental protection.

On the other recruiting media - trade fair stand, roll-up etc. - we encounter the slogan and campaign motifs again.

The brochure texts were created in consultation with our client. Deliberately kept concise and limited to the essential messages, they can be quickly grasped during a visit to the HORIBA stand. The square format protrudes cheekily under standard long DIN flyers and yet fits into any pocket in a space-saving manner.

With its young personal language style and topics such as sustainability and work-life balance, the brochure hits the mark with the young target group!


  • Editorial Design
  • Concept
  • Text & Slogan
  • Campaign Motifs
Recruiting brochure, various covers for HORIBA: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt
Recruiting brochure for HORIBA: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Three campaign motifs for the HORIBA theme worlds

Recruiting concept, automotive test systems for HORIBA: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

automotive test systems

Recruiting concept, process environmental for HORIBA: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Process & Environmental

Recruiting concept, medical for HORIBA: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt


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