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Corporate Design and Web Design for Kühne Mobilität

Germany needs transport infrastructures that are fit for the future. We are undergoing a transformation: away from our traffic habits toward new, digitally networked solutions. The whole transport system, transport structures, traffic and transport means, entire transport systems must be renewed and transport infrastructure planning must be digitised nationwide. Kuehne Mobilität delivers holistic digital solutions in the mobility space. The basis of Kühne Mobilität is its extensive practical experience and strong networking with infrastructure operators, authorities, research institutions and politics.

For the development and creation of the company logo, the corporate design and the website, company founder Jens Kühne chose us as digital agency DIE NEUDENKER®. In a detailed kick-off workshop, we jointly analyzed goals, target groups, wishes and needs. Our competitive analysis helped with further (strategy) planning. Using a roadmap, we were able to sketch out the individual project tasks clearly and execute them in a targeted manner.

Its website blog 'Things to know and information' serves as an important communication tool for Kühne Mobility. Here Jens Kühne writes about topics and projects underlining his expertise. Detailed articles help building trust and strengthen customer loyalty and customer acquisition. Regular new blog content is also a good opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO): the more valuable content, the greater the visibility in Google and the chance of good rankings. Thanks to the implementation of Google Analytics 4, Jens Kühne can keep an eye on the performance of his website and optimize his content strategically. 

In addition to the web design and individual implementation in WordPress, DIE NEUDENKER® supported with web content, such as infographics on the topic of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and digital twins. Finally, the editor of Kühne Mobiltät was trained to edit content in the WordPress backend (content management system) independently and reliably.


 Corporate fonts and colors

Infographic - Digital twin transport infrastructure
(life cycle, data, models, processes)

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