Editorial Design: International image brochure for RMG Messtechnik

RMG Messtechnik GmbH is the European market leader and global player in gas measurement technology. It offers intelligent solutions for the energy sector and industry and supports them on their way to a climate-neutral future.

The change from a supplier of measurement technique to an innovative technology partner, the combination of over 120 years of experience and new thinking, should also be expressed and set an example in the new brand appearance.

It was the customer's wish to make this change visible to the outside world. For this, RMG chose DIE NEUDENKER® as its branding agency.



Setting the course in the positioning workshop

The starting point for the conception of the new corporate design and thus also for the image brochure was the positioning workshop of DIE NEUDENKER®.

In the editorial design we use design elements that we have already developed for RMG within the framework of the modular corporate design:

  • on the left side of the page is the yellow, eye-catching ribbon and leads through the company brochure,
  • low poly style graphics and yellow 'dots' as a visualization of gas create a distinctive style with high recognition,
  • large colour areas and photos alternating with fine typography set accents,
  • diversified double pages surprise with a generous page layout and a lot of space.

DIE NEUDENKER® condense graphic design, text and illustrations into a meaningful statement. The company brochure is currently available in three languages - German, English and Chinese.

With this high-quality print product, RMG has a valuable marketing tool that underlines its claim: to always be ONE STEP AHEAD.


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  • Corporate Design
  • Logo
  • Claim
  • Graphic/illustration style
  • Corporate Font and Colours

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Simone Stenger, call-to-action: DIE NEUDENKER® web design agency, Darmstadt

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