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Corporate Design

Corporate Design for Gantner Instruments

The innovative measurement products of Gantner Instruments are used in measurement and testing technology all over the world. DIE NEUDENKER® have implemented the new website for the company and also realized the comprehensive corporate design: business equipment, brochures, adverts and company presentation in PowerPoint.

Stationery and business cards appear in duplicate. Test & Measurement GmbH' in Darmstadt and Schruns, for example, will have the design in the corporate colour blue, while the sister company 'Environment Solutions GmbH' in Zwönitz will have its business equipment in orange.

With the 'Soho Gothic Standard' as the corporate typeface and the square as a recurring design element, DIE NEUDENKER® have developed a clear and memorable branding.

The variable display concept enables Gantner Instruments to attract attention in many different formats - our modern product photography, a linear, reduced illustration style and individual icon design complement the appearance and create a high recognition value.

For the company presentation, DIE NEUDENKER® also designed a construction kit of slide templates, which Gantner Instruments can compile in PowerPoint and fill with content as desired. We have assigned each application area its own color, the corresponding brochures and the interactive application graphics on the website are designed in the corresponding look.

With the corporate design and the many other communication media that DIE NEUDENKER® implemented for Gantner Instruments, a comprehensive, memorable brand world has been created.


  • Corporate Design
  • Stationery and Business Cards
  • Claim
  • Advertising Concept
  • Brochures
  • Company Presentation (in PowerPoint)
  • Newsletter
  • Illustration and Infographics
  • Exhibition Design
  • Website
  • Motion Design
  • UX Design
Branding for Gantner Instruments: Letterheads, business cards, brochures and company presentation with PowerPoint slides
Corporate design for Gantner Instruments: letterhead and business cards:

Advertising concept, various formats

Advertisements for Gantner Instruments: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Company and product presentation in PowerPoint

Branding, business equipment, PowerPoint template for Gantner Instruments: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Exhibition design and video animation

Trade fair design for Gantner Instruments at the automotive testing expo 2017: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt
Trade fair design for Gantner Instruments: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

At the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2017: Stephan Ruh in conversation with Mr. Ganahl and Mr. Kehrer (CEOs Gantner Instruments)

Responsive Website for Gantner Instruments: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

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