Make like
you feel

Make like
you feel

Design of the cross-media marketing campaign for hobit 2023 - University and Career Information Days in Darmstadt

The University and Career Information Days - hobit for short - is the largest education fair in Darmstadt and the region. At the annual joint event, the Darmstadt University of Technology (TU DA), the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da), the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, the Federal Employment Agency and the Federation of Hessian Business Associations inform students about the numerous opportunities for training and study.

With the event formats hobit talks and hobit contact, different communication channels - online and offline - are used to reach the young target group. 

In search of a new design agency, the 'hobit collective' commissioned DIENEUDENKER® with the design concept of the cross-media marketing campaign for hobit 2023. The requirement was a purely graphic design of the campaign motif that would stand out in the urban jungle as well as on social media and get young people excited about the event. 

Campaign design with a twist: 1 key visual, 2 events

What to do after graduation? Profession or study? A decision between head and gut? These are questions that keep young people busy. 

Even though we often believe we make decisions based on data and facts, science confirms that our decisions are largely influenced by feelings and emotions. Purely rational decisions simply do not exist. 

We pick up on this fact with the two-part campaign key visual. Blue stands for the rational side, yellow-red for the emotional. The call to action "Do as you feel" is intended to call on young people to engage with their intuition. To be brave and listen to their feelings. This color change determines the entire campaign design: It not only symbolizes the interplay of intellect and emotion, but also differentiates the two hobit event formats talks (online) and contact (on-site).

DIE NEUDENKER® designed all communication tools for the rollout of the marketing campaign such as posters, postcards, social media and website content. For the social media campaign, we manage the hobit Instagram account and create Instagram posts, short video animations (reels), hashtags and texts.

More attention was paid to target-group-specific social media ads and Google Ads. DIENEUDENKER® took over the creation, monitoring and reporting during the entire campaign. The result: a higher reach, more website views and thus more event participants. After one week, the website click-through rate was already 17%.

We have aroused your interest? Then listen to your intuition ...


  • Kick-off workshop
  • Concept & Design
  • Campaign Motifs
  • Claim
  • Posters, postcards, web images
  • Social media campaign: Instagram posts
  • Google Ads campaign

Key visual for hobit 2023

Online event: hobit talks

At 5 locations in Darmstadt: hobit contact

Spotted in Darmstadt:
Campaign for "hobit 2023

The Neudenker team for the hobit campaign: Stephan, Josephine & Daniel

Campaign motif for "hobit contact 2023" as streetcar advertising ...

... and on the h_da website (1 of 5 hobit organizers)


hobit talks & hobit contact

Social Media & Google Ads Campaign

Rethink a marketing campaign? Let's talk!

Josephine Stenger-Ruh, call-to-action: DIE NEUDENKER® web design agency, Darmstadt

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