Editorial Design for IINAS: The GBEP Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy - A Tool for Policy Makers


IINAS*, GBEP** and ifeu*** have jointly developed the guide "The GBEP Bioenergy Sustainability Indicators - a tool for policy makers". The target groups include ministries, MEPs and committee members of the European Parliament, governments of about 60 EU and developing countries, business enterprises and civil society organisations (NGOs) such as churches, trade unions or consumer associations.

The information brochure pursues several objectives:
a.) it gives the readers information about their own 'sustainability status',
b.) it serves as an incentive to take further steps; and
c.) encourages those who have already implemented various points. 

DIE NEUDENKER® were commissioned to design the 28-page information brochure. The editorial design should be informative and at the same time emotionally appealing.

* International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategies (Darmstadt)
** Global Bioenergy Partnership (Rome)
*** Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (Heidelberg)


In the conception and design of the guide, we opted for a loose arrangement of large graphics and key facts alternating with longer text sections. This ensures sufficient 'space' and offers the reader a quick introduction to the topic. 

The NEUDENKER designers developed 6 extensive infographics in close cooperation and coordination with the authors, especially with Uwe Fritsche, head of GBEP's "Task Force of Sustainability's Environment Subgroup" and Scientific Director of IINAS:

  • Sustainability challenges of bioenergy
  • GBEP Membership (GBEP = Global Bioenergy Partnership)
  • Implementation of GBEP indicators
  • Step-by-step approach to GSI implementation (GSI = Global Sustainability Indicators/Global Sustainability Indicators)
  • Bioenergy within the broader bio-economy
  • Bioenergy, bioeconomy and the SDGs (SDG = Sustainable Development Goals)

The striking title graphics, expressive icons and a 'leaf ornament' as a recurring symbol for sustainability and the environment create a catchy, uniform overall picture. We combined various shades of green and the accent colour orange (Corporate Colours by GBEP) with organic graphic forms. The result is a natural look that underlines the message of the sustainability guidelines.

The editorial design was very well received by the international 'GBEP Family'.


  • Creative Conception of the
    Information Brochure / Guide
  • Editorial Design
  • Information Graphics
  • Icons

Bioenergy within the broader bioeconomy

(Bioenergy within the broader bio-economy)

Infographics with a striking effect

The GSI (Global Sustainability Indicators) are an instrument to facilitate sustainable development and climate protection. This guideline is intended to promote and advance their application.

For the infographics we chose a clear reduced picture style. It picks up organic forms without appearing overloaded. The reader is both informed and emotionally addressed.

The diagram on the right shows the different steps and actors as well as the time schedule for the implementation of a Global Sustainability Indicators (GSI) project.

Now let's rethink your editorial design:

Simone Stenger, call-to-action: DIE NEUDENKER® web design agency, Darmstadt

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