28.11.2023 | The New Thinkers

Wake up the Brunhild/the Bjørn in you ... Axe throwing at Rage Axe in Weiterstadt

Out of the home office and into real-life fun! On Thursday, we went axe throwing at Rage Axe in Weiterstadt. A special opportunity to get to know colleagues better, strengthen team spirit and simply have a lot of fun. 

After a short safety briefing by an axe expert, we could let the Viking in us out. Wooah !!! Several lanes of the indoor axe throwing facility were at our disposal. And after we had tried out different throwing tools and techniques and practised throwing at wooden targets, it was: "To the axes, go!"

DIE NEUDENKER® as a guest at Rage Axe

The Vikings - er, DIENEUDENKER® - are loose! We let the axes fly ... 

Whether axes, knives or spades: everyone quickly found their favourite throwing object. Various games and challenges such as Hangman, Cricket, Landmines or Last Man Standing provided action and excitement. Teamwork, communication and skill were in demand! In a chilled atmosphere, we cheered on colleagues loudly and supported them energetically with tips. This is where colleagues become a close-knit community that sticks together! We wanted to capture this in our hero team photo - each with their own personal warrior face and battle cry.

After two and a half hours, it was time to make our way to a lavish feast at nearby La Pergola. The NEUDENKER clan fortified themselves with delicious Italian-Mediterranean food and let the mead flow. Skål! We are ready for more challenging tournaments ...

In any case, we had a lot of fun and think it was great: That was a special kind of company outing with team building.


Simone Stenger

Simone Stenger: THE NEUDENKER® web design agency, Darmstadt