For your
belly's sake

For your
belly's sake

SEO Optimized Website and Google Ads Campaign for Niehaus Pharma

Niehaus Pharma is the manufacturer of Gasteo®. A traditional medicine that relieves gastro-intestinal complaints with the power of 6 proven medicinal herbs. With print advertisements, the Ingelheim-based company has so far focused on the "50+" target group. But in the future, the younger, web-savvy audience should also be attracted to Gasteo®.

Niehaus Pharma turned to the online agency DIE NEUDENKER®. The goal of our client: To make Gasteo® known on the web and to encourage the widest possible audience to buy the product.


As experts for web design and online marketing, we provided Niehaus Pharma with the optimal equipment to be successful on the Internet:
an individual, SEO optimized website as well as an advertising campaign in Google Ads (formerly "Google Adwords").

Our team has developed and designed the new product appearance "" in WordPress CMS.

The central message of the website - "Gasteo® stomach drops are suitable for everyone - including you! - is reflected in the visual world. The header motif on the homepage shows social diversity and optimally addresses the heterogeneous target group: Women and men, young and old. For this purpose, we also developed corresponding graphics and individual icon sets in various illustration styles (linear and flat design).

The integrated "pharmacy finder" optimizes the user experience and contributes to increased sales: The website visitor uses the finder either to search for a pharmacy in his vicinity. Or he calls up one of 3 online pharmacies to buy Gasteo® directly.

Thanks to event tracking*, Niehaus Pharma can see exactly how well the pharmacy finder is accepted by the public. We have set up the tracking individually in Google Analytics.

*Documentation of certain user actions or events on the website

The magazine features entertaining and informative blog articles about the stomach as well as the latest articles from the Gasteo® instagram Channel. The social media posts are automatically uploaded to the website. For this purpose, we have integrated the "instagram Feed Pro" plug-in and adapted it to the website design and the customer's needs.

Our keyword research provides inspiration for new content. It also served as the basis for the professional SEO optimization of all website texts and the creation of the Google Ads campaign.

Here, our SEA experts provided full service: starting with setting up the Google Ads account, writing the ad texts, and continuing with support and regular optimization of the campaign.

A monthly reporting keeps Niehaus Pharma up to date on the performance of its Google advertising. The current status:

In August 2020, about 80% of the total website traffic was generated by Google ads. In addition, thanks to our optimization measures, we were able to achieve an average click-through rate of 8.46%! By comparison, the average click-through rate of SEA campaigns in the healthcare sector is only 3.71% (source:

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of Google advertising? Then we recommend our blog article "More website traffic with Google Ads. Why search engine advertising is also worthwhile for you".


Screencast of the 'ingredients' page

Individual Icon Design

Alternative image and graphic style for the Gasteo website:

A website from DIE NEUDENKER®. Let's talk!

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