Web Design and Development for Böttcher Gartenbau

200 hectares of open land, 40,000 square meters of greenhouse space and over 200 trained employees. Böttcher Gartenbau is one of the largest companies for cut herbs in Germany.

Straight outta Hesse - Böttcher supplies major customers, convenience businesses, catering suppliers and food retailers in Germany and neighboring European countries with fresh cut herbs and rhubarb on a daily basis. For private customers, Böttcher offers a first-class range of turf. You no longer have to dream of the perfect lawn, but can have it delivered directly to your home. Reliable, sustainable and with top quality.

The company's website must make it clear that Böttcher is a true leader in its field. That's why Böttcher hired DIE NEUDENKER® to give the big company the online presence it deserves. In a joint brand workshop it became clear: the website needs a new customer approach, a a laid-back design concept and the personality and product quality must be seen.

Further development of a strong brand

DIE NEUDENKER® have presented the quality, the product variety and the transformation of the company in a crisp way through the individual web development in WordPress.The developed usability concept navigates users through the website and facilitates the ordering process and contacting the Böttcher team through call-to-actions.

Personal insights and real people! Customers can see real employees on the website and learn where the top products originate. Authentic photos, icons and graphics show the company at its best. The product groups are perfectly staged by a clear menu. The emotional brand voice developed especially for Böttcher gives the company more personality and defines an unmistakable brand identity. The fresh website convinces (new) customers all by itself.

Nothing is impossible! The herb growing calendar programmed by us shows in which months the crunchy herbs are in season and when they are available - namely 365 days a year!

Young, traditional and future-oriented. This is what Böttcher Gartenbau stands for.


  • Concept and Web Design
  • Usability Concept
  • Individual Web Development in WordPress
  • UX Design and Programming Herb Cultivation Calendar & Lawn Configurator
  • Content Creation (SEO Copy, Illustration)
  • Brand Voice
  • Picture Style / Graphic Style
  • Info Graphics and Icons
  • Photography

Over 25 herb landing pages with cultivation calendar

Pretty in pink! Rhubarb landing page

Individual icon design

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Josephine Stenger-Ruh, call-to-action: DIE NEUDENKER® web design agency, Darmstadt

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