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WordPress Website for Susanne Hofmann, Technical Documentation

Sometimes less is simply more. This is proven by the elegant OnePager, which DIE NEUDENKER® individually designed, programmed and equipped with specially produced business photos for Susanne Hofmann. 

Susanne Hofmann is a technical writer and expert for technical documentation. This could be operating instructions or data sheets, for example, which the mechanical engineer designs, writes and, if desired, illustrates in close consultation with her customers.

This is a demanding job that requires precision and great technical understanding. 

Hofmann's new website inspires confidence in potential new customers and communicates convincingly that Hofmann is one of the best in its field. The inquiries can come!

Digital business card for technical writer

Two main pages - the start page and the about us page - make up the small but powerful WordPress website. And that this is quite sufficient is thanks to our smart page structure and Hofmann's concise texts!

The teaser boxes provide a quick overview of the customer's benefits, Hofmann's services and their work steps. Bulletpoint lists direct the attention to further important contents.

Usability is supported by the anchor navigation, which allows the user to jump to the desired section of the start page by clicking on a button.

The look of the website is dominated by the distinctive corporate design. We have already developed this in advance for "Susanne Hofmann - Technical Documentation" and includes the logo, the corporate colors and the corporate font "TTSupermolotNeue". The corporate font is used both in the logo and on the website.

Strong red in various shades meets filigree lines and characters that are deliberately used as design elements. The slash in particular, which separates the lettering in the logo from each other, is something the user encounters time and again on the website. It can be interpreted as a text cursor and thus as a symbol for Hofmann's writing activities - or as a quotation from a technical drawing.

The Responsive website is given a personal touch by the business photographs taken by Susanne Hofmann and her customer Kraemer Elektronik of DIE NEUDENKER®. They allow a glimpse into Hofmann's everyday working life and arouse the sympathy of the viewers.


DIE NEUDENKER: Web design and web development for technical documentation Susanne Hofmann

Business photography for Hofmann - technical documentation:

Individual logo design with striking bevel

Technical documentation Susanne Hofmann. Business photography by DIE NEUDENKER, creative agency Darmstadt

Susanne Hofmann at her customer Kraemer Elektronik GmbH

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