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Luxury and premium real estate is Dr. Flora Brune's speciality. As a real estate agent, she sells exclusive apartments and houses throughout southern Hessen - from the Odenwald and Bergstrasse, to Darmstadt and Riedstadt. After many years of experience in the industry, Dr. Brune has now started her own business and inspires her customers with special services: realistic property valuations for house sellers as well as home staging - the upgrading of residential properties through interior design.

In order to reach her target groups on the web and to be able to take off with the newly founded real estate agency, the real estate agent still lacked a convincing web presence. 

Website as a central sales tool and for customer acquisition

Business owner Dr. Brune booked our Brand and Web Workshop and was convinced by our know-how: DIE NEUDENKER® were awarded the contract for the Web Design and the individual web development (in WordPress) for Dr. Brune Immobilien

In keeping with the exquisite properties and the special target group, we developed a noble, elegant look for the website. Gold and silver serve not only as corporate colours, but also as markers of the luxury and premium properties and the standard properties respectively. 

DIE NEUDENKER® integrated various browser-based tools. This makes the WordPress website an ideal marketing and sales tool for real estate agents:

  • onOffice broker software

    We have integrated the real estate offers as an iFrame interface to the CRM system onOffice. The offers are entered in the broker software by the editors and automatically displayed on the website. To ensure that their look fits perfectly into the overall concept, we have made individual adjustments to our web design in onOffice.

  • IWA Real Estate Value Analysis

    With the Lead Generator IWA Lead, estate agent Dr. Flora Brune offers free property valuations. The tool encourages potential home sellers to contact her, creates trust and thus contributes to successful customer acquisition. With the individually programmed and animated 'Sticky Note', the IWA real estate valuation on every page becomes the focus of the website visitors. 

  • Appointment booking with calendly

    The automated Appointment booking tool calendlyensures a simple but well-organised allocation of consultation appointments. Implemented as a call-to-action banner, interested property owners or buyers can conveniently make an individual appointment with the real estate agency at any time.

Upgrading real estate with home staging

Under the brand name 'LIFE atmosphere', Dr. Brune offers a special additional service to which we have dedicated a separate landing page: home staging or home design. A sales measure from the USA, with which real estate sales can be brought to a quicker conclusion and higher sales prices can be achieved. The home stager puts the advantages of the property in perspective: The interior is "neutralized", the prospective buyer can better imagine his future home.

Under 'Immo-News' (blog), real estate owners and those who would like to become one can inform themselves about tips and interesting facts from the industry. They can expect contributions to legislation, home staging, sales as well as videos (e.g. to the reorganization of the broker commission). 

Besides web design and web development DIE NEUDENKER® also provided SEO Optimization of the website texts - based on a target group-specific and locally oriented keyword analysis


  • Website Workshop
  • Concept and Web Design
  • Usability Concept
  • Individual Web Development in WordPress
  • Integration 'calendly': Automated Meeting Planning Software
  • onOffice Integration (Broker Software)
  • Integration of the Real Estate Valuation Tool IWA Lead
  • SEO Optimization of the Web Copy
  • Icon Design

Screencast of the 'Dr. Brune Immobilien' homepage

Integration of browser-based software tools for real estate agents

onOffice - Real estate marketing

IWA - Real estate valuation

calendly - Meeting planner

Individual icon design

Individual icon design

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