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Synoa develops custom-fit software solutions for medium-sized businesses and thus makes companies fit for digitalization.

Synoa's wish for DIE NEUDENKER®: An individually programmed corporate website, which distinguishes itself from monotonous themes through a striking web design and communicates the fresh, young spirit of the company from Groß-Umstadt.


DIE NEUDENKER® designed the Synoa website and implemented it as an individual web development in WordPress. In an intensive dialogue with the Synoa managing directors, we laid the foundation for this in DIE NEUDENKER brand workshop. 

On the corporate website, the user encounters a unique image and graphic style, which we designed especially for Synoa: Sympathetic photos of the real Synoa team combined with an eye-catching grid and geometric shapes show the lively, young corporate spirit.

All in all, the website appears in a gaudy look with a bold colour composition of yellow and dark blue and individual gimmicks that set the company apart from its competitors - a website 'with spirit'.

A quick introduction to the services - KONEKTI® data integration, B2B online shops and software modernisation - is achieved by placing the topics directly under the header.

Focus of the website is KONEKTI®. Whether as a hero on the start page or as a header - DIE NEUDENKER® set the system in scene by means of large-scale, two-part typography.

Another special feature is the modern navigation of the website. It is context-sensitive programmed - depending on the header color it appears light or dark with a matching hover. DIE NEUDENKER® have created a clear mega-menu as a sub-navigation: not only the sub-pages, but also an eye-catching decorative font and various page teasers with text and images find their place.

The case studies provide insight into the projects of Synoa. The distinctive marking and division by colours and slants of the sections guides the users through the project. Testimonials are proof of the project's success.


Striking image and graphic style for the Synoa website:

Konekti' is capitalized on this landing page: THAT System for Data Integration from Synoa

The Synoa image world lives from striking illustrations with photos of real employees

What Synoa says about DIE NEUDENKER®

Our new website should not be off the peg, but should be tailored to our needs from A to Z. With DIE NEUDENKER® we have found the perfect partner: From the conception to the independent design to the professional programming, our new website was developed in a joint dialogue exactly according to our ideas - we are super satisfied with the result.

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Bert Scharpenberg

Managing Director
Synoa GmbH

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