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More Website Traffic With Google Ads. Why Search Engine Advertising Pays off for You

Finally - your new website is online! Individually designed, professionally SEO-optimized and perfectly adapted to the needs of your target group.

But one thing is missing: the hoped-for rush of visitors. Did something go wrong? No! Because it takes time until the SEO measures you or your SEO agency have taken show concrete results.

Fact is: Search engine optimization is not for the impatient. It may well take a few weeks for your website to climb to the top positions in Google search results and generate free traffic permanently.

For those who want to attract many website visitors as quickly as possible, there is a good (paid) solution:

Search engine advertising with Google Ads – also called SEA or Search Engine Advertising.

DIE NEUDENKER® will tell you today why you will benefit from investing in a Google Ads campaign.

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Google Ads (formerly "Google Adwords") is an advertising system that allows you to place ads in Google search results pages. Your ads are displayed in addition to the organic search results and are marked as commercials.

Search engine advertising works keyword-based: That means you bid a certain amount of money on a keyword. If a Google user enters this keyword in the Google search bar, your ad will be played in the "SERPs" (Search Engine Result Pages).

6 advantages (and one disadvantage) of Google Ads. Why search engine advertising pays off for you

Advantage 1: Generate a lot of traffic quickly

No question - the biggest advantage of search engine advertising is that you can dramatically increase your website traffic with your Google Ads campaign.

A professionally created Google campaign - with convincing ad texts, relevant keywords and strategic targeting – can drive your visitor numbers up after just a few hours.

And this regardless of your SEO ranking! This makes Google Ads the perfect advertising measure for websites that have not yet made it to page 1 in the organic search results. E.g. because they have only recently been SEO-optimized or launched.

Advantage 2: Targeting potential customers

Search engine advertising makes it easy for you to target people who are currently looking for a product like yours. So you reach your potential customers in the "hot phase" of the Sales Funnel. Namely, when they already have a buying intention but have not yet decided on a specific product or provider.

To ensure that only your desired customers see your ads, Google Ads offers you many setting options. For example, you can include or exclude people of a certain age group, or display your ads only in your immediate area or at selected times of day.

With every strategic setting you adapt your Google Ads campaign even better to your target group – and thus increase the chance that the user will actually become a buyer after clicking on your ad.

Advantage 3: Excellent measurability

Google Ads offers you many possibilities to precisely measure the success of your campaign – and to further optimize your campaign based on these key figures.

The most important key figures for Google Ads are the impressions and the click-through rate.

The impressions show how often your ad has been played. However, the more important key figure is the click-through rate. It tells you how often the users have clicked on your ad in relation to the impressions. Other key figures that you should keep an eye on are the conversion rate and the quality factor.

Sounds difficult? Then let a professional monitor and optimize your Google Ads campaign. He knows how to increase the CTR of your campaign – and that with decreasing click costs!

Success Story: Google Ads campaign for Niehaus Pharma

Gasteo® is a herbal remedy for gastrointestinal complaints. To make the product better known and to increase the traffic of the new website Gasteo.com we developed a Google Ads campaign for our client Niehaus Pharma. Since its launch, the campaign has been managed and regularly optimised by us. (You can find out more about this here.)

About 65% of the entire website traffic is currently generated by Google ads (as of July 2020). Through our optimization measures, we also achieved an average click-through rate of outstanding 11.5%! 

For comparison, the average click-through rate for health campaigns is 3.71% (source: wordstream.com).

Advantage 4: Short lead time

A website, a budget and a list of your most important keywords – that's all you need to go online with your first Google Ads campaign soon!

The formal requirements for placing advertising in search engines are therefore extremely low and can be implemented quickly. This makes Google Ads the perfect advertising measure for short-term sales campaigns or events.

But be careful: if you bid on the wrong keywords and address the wrong target group with your ads, you can lose a lot of money. That's why you'd better rely on the skills of an experienced Google ads expert when creating your keyword list and ad copy.

Advantage 5: Full cost control

With Google Advertising, you always have full control over your costs and can plan in advance exactly how much you want to invest in your campaign.

By the way, costs only arise when a Google user clicks on your ad. How much you want to pay per click is entirely up to you. You determine your daily budget and the amount of your bids – and you can change both at any time.

However, in order for your ads to appear at the top of the search results pages, your bids must be high enough. After all, the coveted pole position, which is clicked on most often, is highly competitive. How high your minimum bid for the pole position should be depends on the keyword and the density of competition.

Advantage 6: More awareness for your brand

Search engine advertising makes your brand better known – and increases the chance that Google users will click on your organic (!) search results. This was the amazing result of a Google study in 2008 (Source: tns-infratest.com).

Google ads are displayed above the organic search results. They are thus the first thing the user sees on the search results page.

Even if the user does not click on your ad: he perceives your brand or product name. If he or she later makes a similar search query, they will encounter your Google Ads ad and/or your organic search results again. He remembers – and clicks!

Success Story: Google Ads campaign for WEE-CARS

The advertising campaign we created for Darmstadt's first pure e-car rental "WEE-CARS" is also performing above average:

The campaign was able to generate the first inquiries shortly after going live. The percentage of website visitors who reach the website via a Google Ads ad is currently 82% (as of July 2020). The click-through rate of 20% is also well above the average for the automotive industry (CTR: 4.0%).

Search engine advertising: Google Ads' only disadvantage

Google advertising is a powerful tool that can effectively increase your traffic, conversions and brand awareness.

But to realize the full potential of your advertising campaign, you need some prior knowledge. Not only in Google Ads, but also in SEO optimization and in dealing with Google Analytics.

Otherwise you run the risk of wasting a lot of money. With irrelevant keywords, too high click prices or ad texts that encourage the wrong users to click ...

If you want to be on the safe side with your Google advertising, it is best to contact an experienced SEA agency. Your Google ads agency will create, monitor and optimise the entire campaign for you and keep you informed with regular reports.

Our conclusion: Google Ads as a good complement to search engine optimization

Google Ads is the perfect marketing tool for you if you want to generate as much website traffic as possible in the shortest possible time. And this is independent of your company size, your product or your SEO ranking.

But you should understand Google advertising only as a supplement and not as a replacement for professional SEO. Because only through search engine optimization you can establish your website in the SERPs in the long run. As soon as you have conquered the top 10 search results, your organic rankings will generate traffic permanently – for free and independent of Google's click prices.

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