Product Video 'TITAN Powertrain VSL' for HORIBA

HORIBA is a specialist in automotive test systems and supplies its customers worldwide with test stands, measurement systems and many other test and engineering solutions. The 'TITAN Powertrain VSL' - short for "vehicle simulation on lift" - is a modular test bench extension of the company. It guarantees its customers maximum comparability in every phase of vehicle development.

DIE NEUDENKER® have realised the product presentation in the form of a strong video animation. The product video uses various stylistic devices to show how versatile the 'TITAN Powertrain VSL' can be used.

One system - unlimited possibilities

In the product video DIE NEUDENKER® used photo motion: a technique in which individual elements in photos are animated. In this way, we were able to create a beautiful dynamic transition between 2D animation and real film shots. Zoom and blur enhance the effect of spatial depth.

The animation, a ride through the graphic HORIBA City with its test cells and modern vehicles, forms the stylistic bracket at the beginning and end of the product video. Flow into the future - this is how vehicle testing is redefined.


Welcome to the world of the 'TITAN Powertrain VSL' - the product video starts with a graphic night ride

In the video we have animated photos, so we have created beautiful transitions from photo motion ...

With extreme perspectives, close-ups and long-distance shots in the real film parts we create an exciting atmosphere

Versatile: The 2D animation shows for which vehicle types and test environments the TITAN is suitable

... to 2D animation

What can we set in motion for you:


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