Video Ad for Niehaus Pharma: 'PTA as Video Reporter for ChillPost Online'.

In the beginning there was a piece of paper...

Our video ad for Niehaus Pharma proves that animated videos do not have to be purely digital productions!

The video was created in cooperation with the Berlin artist Karin Clauß, whose loving illustrations were set in motion by our motion designers. The result: a charming video production with handmade character.

Recruiting with flowery support

Quite natural - that's how our customer Niehaus Pharma likes it best! Because the Ingelheim-based company relies exclusively on plant ingredients in the production of its preparations. And also in its new video ad Niehaus lets the flowers speak for themselves. In the truest sense of the word!

Protagonist of the charming little video Niehaus uses for recruiting is a passion flower. This might already be familiar to some viewers from "ChillPost" - Niehaus' magazine for pharmaceutical technical assistants (short: PTAs).

Coincidence? Of course not! The video ad is intended to specifically target PTAs who are interested in contributing to the new web edition of "ChillPost" and who are hunting for good stories as video reporters.

You can see the stories on The Responsive website was designed by DIE NEUDENKER® to match the look of the magazine and individually programmed in django CMS.

No ordinary video ad

With the video ad for Niehaus Pharma, our motion designers have broken new ground. Unlike our previous video productions, this project is not a purely digital production. The loving illustrations are penned by the artist Karin Clauß (, who creates her works on paper in a very traditional way.

Not the best conditions for a video with character animation... Or is it?

In order to be able to edit the drawings with the animation software "After Effects" and breathe life into the little passion flower, our motion designers reached for their bag of tricks: After cutting it into its individual parts and digitizing it, our video experts put the flower back together again piece by piece - and now had the possibility to animate arms, legs and face independently!

Thus the static drawing on the paper was transformed into a living character that has lost nothing of its handmade charm. The atmospheric background and the subtle animation effects - all based on the colouring of the passion flower - gave the unusual video ad the final touch. And ready was another individual video animation from DIE NEUDENKER®!


  • Idea & Concept
  • Storyboard
  • 2D Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Illustration:
    Karin Clauß, Berlin

Impressions from the video ad

The video character in its individual parts


The cut out elements can be arranged in any order

Discreet animation effects with a lot of love

The passion flower, the mascot of ChillPost magazine

Video ad for maximum reach on social media

To reach as many PTAs as possible and get them interested in the reporter job, Niehaus Pharma places their video ad on instagram.

The special thing about instagram: The social media platform can only be used with mobile devices. This is important for video production because the video clip changes as soon as the instagram user turns his smartphone from portrait to landscape (or vice versa).

Our solution: a wide empty space around the video scenery! This allows the video ad to scale into the "instagram-typical" square format without cutting anything important off the image and without damaging the professional look of the video.

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