Explanatory video 'Energiewende' for the Technical University of Darmstadt

The clock is ticking: Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. Solutions must be found as quickly as possible to reduce our CO2-emissions can be drastically reduced and the impending catastrophe averted.

Germany's plan is the "National Hydrogen Strategy" - but there are promising alternatives.

In the position paper "Energiewende: verlässlich, machbar, technologieoffen" (2020), professors from TU Darmstadt and other universities make a plea to German policymakers: they call for more openness to technology and greater competition of ideas in the search for new, quickly implementable solutions for clean energy production.

The Technical University of Darmstadt would like to make its concerns heard and commissioned the video agency DIE NEUDENKER® with the video production.

Solution: An explanatory video as a plea to politicians

In close cooperation with our client - the Thermo-Fluids & Interfaces profile division and its managing director Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Lambie - we produced a stirring explanatory video for distribution on the web.

Explaining the highly complex topic in a few words in an easily understandable way, arguing in a non-judgemental way and at the same time engaging the viewer emotionally - a tricky task that our video team mastered masterfully. The click figures also prove this: within the first 2 weeks after publication on YouTube, over 7,000 users have already watched the explanatory video!

Individual video production with a prominent cast

In our video production, real shooting scenes, animation and stock footage merge into a coherent argument. 

In short interview sequences, TU representatives take a stand on the position paper. These include university president Tanja Brühl as well as 3 TU professors who are dedicated to the research of so-called chemical energy storage: Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler, Prof. Dr. Ulrike I. Kramm and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hasse. They were all filmed by our team on location at the TU premises - naturally in compliance with the Corona hygiene measures. We also organized the filming, sound recording and post-production.

The Darmstadt Musician F A S composed the electro track especially for the intro - a key scene in the explanatory film.

A special highlight of the explanatory video are the numerous elaborate 2D and 3D animations that our motion designers have individually designed and developed. A flight over the periodic table, an animated infographic explaining the iron-energy cycle, or even a schematic representation of a coal-fired power plant - our animations do not simply visualize the voice-over, they effectively contribute to its understanding.

We think: an all-round successful explanatory film that reaches political decision-makers, but also the general public and inspires them for the ideas of TU Darmstadt - more research open to technology in the service of the energy transition.


  • Idea & Concept
  • Storyboard
  • Voiceover
  • Film Shooting
  • Graphics & Illustration
  • Theme Song: F A S
  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Sound Design

Making-of of the explanatory video

Power on: Ideas competition for clean energy transition solutions.

Tanja Brühl, President of TU Darmstadt on the position paper "Energiewende: verlässlich, machbar, technologieoffen".

The dynamic 3D camera ride over the periodic table highlights possible alternative chemical energy stores.

For the 2D animations we developed an illustrative, unique style.

Iron as an energy store for a clean, CO2-free cycle.

Continue to use existing infrastructure and make coal-fired power plants emission-free (iron-energy cycle).

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