Explainer Video 'App Security' for the Technical University Darmstadt

"Out of 100,000 apps studied, 67% contain hidden code that allows your personal data to be shared! This makes apps secret "data suckers"," explains Dr. Leonid Glanz, head of the 'App Security' study at Technical University Darmstadt in Germany (Department of Computer Science).

As part of ATHENE - the National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity - TU Darmstadt is researching solutions for greater app security. The research team developed an AI-based analysis tool that detects and decodes hidden code in apps.

A video production for research

In order to make the general public aware of its research on app security as well as the risks of insecure apps, TU Darmstadt commissioned the video agency DIE NEUDENKER® to produce an explanatory video.

The explainer film 'App Security' shakes up and creates a new awareness for app security among app users, app providers and app developers.

Explainer video "App Security" - More transparency for app users

Our design & content team (Stephan, Julia, Josephine & Malte) went full power for TU Darmstadt! Together we produced the entire explainer video under a tight deadline: Starting with the kick-off workshop, concept, storyboard and voiceover to film shooting, illustration, 2D/3D animation, postproduction, FX as well as sound design.

DIE NEUDENKER® developed a dramaturgical narrative accompanied by a change of style, colour and sound. We took the "data-guzzling" app literally - in the explainer video, the seemingly harmless app turns into a beast that sucks up the user's data.

An image-heavy mix of 2D and 3D animation shows the many 'siphoned' data sets that third parties use to create detailed profiles of app users.

Dr. Leonid Glanz from the Department of Software Engineering presents the research of TU Darmstadt in the video. As a video agency, we also took care of the film shooting on site. The NEUDENKER video team also took care of organizing the video shoot, in compliance with Corona hygiene measures. Film scenes and video animations are combined in our explanatory video production to form a coherent argumentation that encourages the viewer to think and act.

So, do you know what data your apps are accessing yet...?


  • Idea & Concept
  • Storyboard & Voiceover
  • Film Shooting
  • Graphics & Illustration
  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Sound Design

Hybrid video: a successful mix of 2D animation, 3D animation and footage

Apps are often secret data guzzlers ...

... and have access to personal data of the app users.

Contacts, locations, pictures etc. (visualized in the video as luminous data streams) are tapped ...

... and third parties can create virtual profiles from this 'stolen' user data.

Dr. Leonid Glanz, Department of Software Engineering, presents the research of TU Darmstadt in the video.

Research finding: out of 100,000 apps studied, 67% contain hidden code that allows personal data to be shared.

Research at Darmstadt University of Technology makes it possible to uncover hidden code in apps.

DIE NEUDENKER® at the film shooting at TU Darmstadt, Germany

The mask fits: Stephan during the live-action filming at TU Darmstadt with hygiene concept

Stephan at the camera and Malte at the sound recording in the foyer at Karolinenplatz in Darmstadt.

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