Explainer Video 'Wetting or Dewetting of Surfaces by Liquids' for the Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt

How does a liquid that drips on rough or porous surfaces behave compared to smooth surfaces? And how do wetting and transport interact with complex fluids? In the research centre "Collaborative Research Centre 1194 (CRC 1194)" engineers, mathematicians, natural scientists and IT-experts of the TU Darmstadt gain new insights and develop new models on wetting processes.

DIE NEUDENKER® have implemented the video animation for the research department of the TU Darmstadt. The explainer video "Wetting and dewetting of surfaces by liquids" shows in a smart way how research results in innovations.

In the beginning was the wetting

In the explainer video the water drop takes us on a journey as a hero: from the origins of the wetting process, which has its origins in nature, it leads us through the diverse fields of application of wetting and de-wetting of surfaces to the laboratory of the CRC research centre.

The iconographic style and organic design support the "fluid" theme and give the video its unique look. Smooth transitions give the 2D Animation a pleasant dynamic. As a supplementary stylistic device, the explanatory film is kept in cool blue tones and thus also picks up on the corporate design of the research department.


  • Storyboard
  • Graphics & Illustration
  • 2D Video Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Sound Design

Scenes from the explainer video:

Wetting-processes: A drop of water as hero.

In the "Collaborative Research Centre 1194", experts from various disciplines work together.

Wide range of applications of wetting processes.

Individual character design makes the scientific topic 'wetting' alive and tangible.

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