Explainer Video: Programming Model 'REScala' for Technical University Darmstadt, Department of Computer Science

We live in an increasingly connected world: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), climate research, autonomous traffic systems are turning old programming models on their heads. The more sophisticated the technology, the more complex the linking of digital data flows and the more complex the code. It's time to REact - thought the Software Technology Group of the Technical University of Darmstadt.

RESCala is the logical programming model for an increasingly complex world.

Progressive programming - an explainer video for computer scientists

Video production for research - that's what we can do and love! 

Developing a coherent explanatory video for a specialist IT audience - an exciting challenge for DIE NEUDENKER®.

The kickoff workshop with the REScala experts from the TU taught the NEUDENKERN the basics of reactive programming. Then we were ready for conception, storyboard and video production.

The result: an explainer film that literally rocks the trade audience.

The story begins in the 60s with rock 'n' roll and so-called mainframe computers, on which the programs were still played serially on magnetic tapes. The Rolling Stones will soon be 80, but Rock 'n' Roll is still alive! And reactive programming is the answer to today's complex data systems. A mixture of animation and real film makes it easier for the specialist audience to get to grips with advanced reactive programming in a sympathetic way. 

In the real film sequences, Dr. Ing. Ragnar Mogk, head of the research project, presents details of the programming model. As the developer, he also provided the code lines for our illustrations as well as the voiceover. For the filming, the NEUDENKER film team was in action at the TU Darmstadt.

Mission accomplished - complex things once again explained in simple terms. 🙂


  • Idea & Concept
  • Storyboard
  • Film Shooting
  • Graphics & Illustration
  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Sound Design

Step one: Development and conception of the story, sketchy presentation in combination with text and stage directions.

Step two: After approval of the storyboard by the client, we develop the image and illustration style. The voice over is finalized and recorded by the narrator.

Networks serve a variety of applications. People connect with their friends, work together on projects, companies coordinate with their suppliers, optimize their workflows...

The probability of a single failure increases as more computers/devices work together for an application.

Dr. Ing. Ragnar Mogk - RESCala project manager

REScala programming model

The NEUDENKER video team on site, at the Campus 'City centre' of the TU Darmstadt

Set-up and video shooting at Karo 5 in strict compliance with the hygiene concept of the TU Darmstadt.

Stephan provides light and sound.

Change of perspective: NEUDENKER Malte captures Dr. Ing. Ragnar Mogk programming with the handheld camera.

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