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All the knowledge on one screen

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UX-Design for the Software Solution 'SmartSearch' From CONWEAVER

CONWEAVER is expert for linked data system and software solutions. For its software 'SmartSearch', DIE NEUDENKER® have developed the operating concept and the graphical user interface.

For historical reasons, international corporations usually have heterogeneous system landscapes. SmartSearch bundles the decentralized knowledge stocks and informs the user in a few clicks about stock levels, product information, development progress, expert contacts and much more. In this way, CONWEAVER brings the entire knowledge of a company to the screens of the employees.

Imagine you are looking for an expert in transmission development, want to make contact with a research institute or simply want to know how the emission tests of the new engine went. And now imagine that you only need 3 clicks to get this information!

That’s why we and our customer CONWEAVER have RETHOUGHT the SmartSearch operating concept.

The new Graphical User Interface not only allows the user to find quickly, but also to return to any position in the search process like a scout to find a new path. He has the possibility to save search histories, send search results via link to colleagues and set up his personal dashboard.

To help users find their way around the site, we have assigned colours to the result categories. This allows him to see at a glance whether the results are people, documents or products. This colour code can be adapted to the corporate colours of a company. Thus SmartSearch fits elegantly into the corporate design of every CONWEAVER customer.


UX-Design, operating concept for software solution Smart Search for Conweaver: DIE NEUDENKER® Agentur, Darmstadt

Search results list: Colored categories facilitate orientation

GUI and UX design, user interface for Conweaver: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Flexible search process: With each result the user decides how to proceed

GUI design, user interface for Conweaver: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Customized Search: Every user can configure his personal filters

User interface design, user interface for Conweaver: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Hard facts per mouseover: The most important information at a glance

Design guide, dashboard, operating concept for Conweaver: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Custom dashboard: Configuration via drag and drop

UX Design, information research tool for Conweaver: DIE NEUDENKER® Agency, Darmstadt

Responsive design: Smart search also on tablet and smartphone

High usability: Even result tables can be individually filtered and reduced


SmartSearch is one of our best products. It revolutionizes digital knowledge management and collaboration in large companies. With the new user interface for SmartSearch you have done a great job! It was especially important to us that design and usability signal to the customer: Get in and get started, you don't need a manual.

Dear DIE NEUDENKER®, great work, the next project is already waiting for you!

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Michael Graf

Director Professional Services

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