Web Design and Branding for Sanctuary – a Start-Up of the System Security Lab of Darmstadt University of Technology

"Security should enable, not prevent" - this is the credo of the three founders of Sanctuary, a spin-off of the System Security Lab at TU Darmstadt, Germany.

The young team researches system security and has specialized in the development of new security architectures. This is because the protection of sensitive data is becoming increasingly important in high-tech societies. Whether mobile devices, cloud services or the Internet of Things (IoT) - all of these require comprehensive security solutions.

With 'Sanctuary Embedded', they have created a cost-saving solution that enables secure accumulation of services on shared platforms to achieve complex functional goals. It combines 'Security Services' and 'Consolidation' to provide a holistic solution for multiple use cases. For example, in the automotive industry (autonomous driving), communication technology, automated manufacturing or space travel. Sanctuary is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

DIE NEUDENKER® were commissioned with the brand design and the internet presence of the start-up. The website is intended to attract potential project partners as well as new employees who are interested in helping to shape the future security industry. Corporate design and web design are clear, concise and structured, with a few neon green accents.

Our video animation (explainer video) presents the complex sub-areas 'Security Services' and 'Consolidation' in an easy-to-understand way. Both the newly designed logo and the animated headlines on the website visualize the idea of consolidation. We created the claim 'Beyond systems. Sanctuary'. It stands for the comprehensive security solution 'Sanctuary Embedded' on shared platforms.

We are eagerly following the development of the young start-up and wish it a successful scaling.


Corporate fonts and colors

Explainer video for the 'Sanctuary Embedded' security solution

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Simone Stenger, call-to-action: DIE NEUDENKER® web design agency, Darmstadt

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