New Impulse: Re-design of the Brand Logo HELASOFT - Experts for EHS, ESG and Compliance

HELASOFT offers its international customers innovative software products and solutions with a focus on EHS (Environment, Health & Safety), ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and Product Compliance. The services offered range from the development and implementation of software tools to training and support. HELASOFT is also a certified SAP partner. 

Together with the creation of the new HELASOFT website, DIE NEUDENKER® were commissioned with the re-design of the brand logo and brand presence. Brand values built up over years and the high level of recognition are firmly linked to the trademark and were to be retained. Thus, we only made a cautious adaptation of the company logo, which, however, underlines the further development of the company and its range of services. For a holistic corporate identity, we also redesigned the product group logos, HELACLOUD and HELA4SAP, and numerous service icons.

One cube - many (software) solutions

The brand logo is based on a three-sided isometric cube, in turn composed of many small cubes - symbolizing HELASOFT's extensive product portfolio. A modular system that we have used for product logos, icons and as an elementary design element for the web design. Depending on the application, new perspectives open up again and again: 

  • Cubes that lead to perceptual changes (conundrums)
  • Hexagons containing new imagery and graphics
  • Honeycombs that arrange themselves into different formations
  • Cubes combined with graphical icons (e.g. SAP Fiori icon)

In order to distinguish product lines, software solutions and services more easily, we defined a clear color code based on the corporate colors. The website's usability concept picks up on this color scheme to help users find their way around.

Conclusion: With the new logo, our customer HELASOFT shows that sustainability and innovation can be skillfully combined. An impulse that has an effect both internally and externally. 


  • Brand and Web Workshop
  • Re-design Brand Logo
  • Product Logo Design
  • Individual icon design
  • Web Design
  • Individual Web Development in WordPress & SEO

Careful adaptation of the company logo, which however underlines the further development of the company and its service offer

Modular corporate design principle

Modular corporate design principle

Logo design for the software solutions 

Logo design for the software solutions 

Individual icon design

Web design & web development
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