Explainer Video 'Resilient Decentralized Communication' for Technical University Darmstadt

Our communication has never been easier. Internet, smartphone and apps give us the good feeling of being able to communicate at any time. 

A dangerous mistake! Because power outages, natural disasters or other emergency situations can bring our communication systems crashing down. But how do we warn others of danger or make emergency calls when nothing works anymore?

Technical University Darmstadt, Department of Software Engineering, is researching solutions that enable us to continue communicating even in times of crisis: resilient decentralized communication.

An important topic that concerns us all! After many joint projects - e.g. the Explanatory video "Energy transition"  or the VR game for freshmen  - TU Darmstadt again turned to DIE NEUDENKER®, video agency in Darmstadt, Germany.

Understanding research - with an explanatory video

Combining information with excitement - of course, the best way to do that is with an explainer video! With full commitment and in compliance with the tight deadline, our team produced an individual explanatory film that inspires with its mix of animation and real film (hybrid video).

Once again, DIE NEUDENKER® provided the full service for this video production: concept, voice-over and storyboard were all created by us, as were the individual illustrations, 2D animations and real filming.

A gripping storyline realistically shows how seemingly reliable communication systems can break down. Resilient, decentralized communication, i.e. data transmission from device to device (via Bluetooth or Wifi), offers secure, trouble-free communication despite a digital blackout.The explainer film is aimed at a non-specialist audience. It explains in a smart way how this crisis-proof communication solution works. 

"It must become part of our everyday life, because it can save lives," appeals TU scientist Dr. Lars Baumgärtner. The live-action film footage with him was shot directly on location at the university campus. In addition to the video shoot (in compliance with the Corona specifications), we also provided the shooting organization, sound recording, post-production and sound design.

The result is a plea for more independence from our usual communication channels - it makes everyone's life safer.


  • Idea & Concept
  • Storyboard
  • Film Shooting
  • Graphics & Illustration
  • 2D Animation
  • Sound Design

Communication systems are an integral part of our lives ...

... but what happens when these fail or collapse in crises or emergencies?

Dr. Lars Baumgärtner, Department of Software Engineering, is researching new solutions for resilient communication in everyday life.

Device-to-device data transfer (using Bluetooth or Wifi), provides a crisis-proof, resilient understanding ...

... every network subscriber becomes a 'digital postman'.

DIE NEUDENKER® at the film shooting for the explanatory video

Light, camera, mask, action: in compliance with hygiene rules, the video shoot takes place at TU Darmstadt, Germany

Let's go: Stephan starts filming, Malte takes care of the sound.

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