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Communication Concept, Marketing Concept and Brand Design "YUBIZZ - The h_da Start-up Initiative" for the Career Center of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

We developed YUBIZZ - a new brand for the Career Center at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

The brand stands for all of the Career Center's start-up-related services, which support students, graduates and research staff in founding their own start-ups. An important task of the new communication concept is to inspire undecided students to start their own business. 

A central result of our work - in addition to the new brand and corporate design - is the YUBIZZ design and marketing toolkit. It consists of three guidelines as well as design templates for the creation of various marketing materials, such as website content, posters, flyers, exhibition stands, social media motifs and much more. All elements of the modular system interlock and form a coherent whole.

The design and marketing toolbox provides the staff of the Career Center of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with all the elements they need to independently create new, target group-oriented campaigns and appropriate marketing material for all YUBIZZ activities, and to evaluate their success.

We are delighted with the result and are looking forward to the initial brand campaign.


  • Brand Workshop
  • Brand Name, Logo & Claim
  • Brand Design
  • Communication Concept
  • Key Visual
  • Typography, Imagery & Color World
  • Campaign Motifs
  • Design Templates for Different Media 
  • Guideline 01: Marketing and Communication Concept
  • Guide 02: Corporate Design Guide
  • Guideline 03: Evaluation

YUBIZZ Key Visual

For different target groups & occasions

3 marketing guides:
Concept, design, evaluation

With our 3 guides, it's easy for the YUBIZZ team,
stringently implement the marketing strategy and brand design.

YUBIZZ exhibition design for
start-up events

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